Preventing Water Waste

We continue our posts on conserving water here in July which has been named Smart Irrigation Month by the Irrigation Association.

This article will focus on helping you prevent wasting your water when watering your lawn.

One area people may neglect is the position of their sprinkler heads. Make sure to adjust your sprinkler system to prevent runoff, which can lead to up to 50-percent of wasted water.

When your sprinkler system sprays faster than your lawn and landscape can absorb, precious water is wasted. Even a slight slope in your yard can encourage water to run off onto the sidewalk, gutter or street.

Prevent runoff by reducing watering time and increasing frequency, so grass, plants and trees can absorb the water they need without waste.

Another way to prevent water waste is reviewing when you water your lawn.

When is the best time to water your lawn? Watering early is produces the best results.

Watering in the early morning (between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m.) saves money and water, while keeping your grass, plants and trees healthier.

Watering early when the sun is low and winds are calm helps reduce water loss from evaporation due to heat and wind. It also improves soil absorption so water and nutrients get to plant roots, where it is needed most.


Turfgrass, like that found in our lawns, is much cooler than asphalt or cement. It acts as a natural "air conditioner" for the surrounding areas. Lawns can be as much as 22 degrees cooler than urban asphalt "heat islands".